Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jamb Examinations - What Cheating cost me.

I was sitting for Use of English at a JAMB Exam. I shaded the ones i knew, and waiting for manna to fall from Heaven when i noticed a very beautiful girl sitting beside me. She was shading and was not looking up. Through the help of my long neck, i peeped and checked her work, she was in number 65, i was still in number 21 and time was running out. I quickly thanked God and started shading along with her. We got to number 98 together, suddenly, she looked up, caught me and shouted in a low tone; "What are it? Why is you dey copying me? Copys! copys! You is not shaming! As big as you dey! You is a dull boys! You are a disgrace to your manhood." Na so i shout; heeeey! heeeeyyy!!! heeeyyyy!!! I am finished yay, who has eraser eeeehhhh?!!!!!!!

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  1. Omoge, you just succeded in helping me wake up everyone having siesta in the house. I am so sorry I couldn't control the laughter.