Thursday, December 1, 2011


I overheard this loud conversation @ a bus-stop.

"Yes my baby, am in Lagos now"...."Yes"

L for elephant,

A for Ego,

G for Jesus,

O for Authority and

S For Ester.

I became utterly confused

Pictures. lmffao



Breeze don Blow

A boy caught his dad red handed wit d maid.

The dad told the son ''take dis 500 naira & don't tell ur mum please.

the son answered,but dad dis is unfair.

Mum gave me 1000 naira when I caught her with

the gate-man yesterday


Two mentally insane patients plot to run away from a mental facility @ night.

The facility is well guarded and the only way two escape is to beat up the the guards at the gate.

When the night of escape comes, the two patients walk to the gate armed with hockey sticks.

On arriving the gate, they find the gate open but the guards are not around.

They look for the guards in a nearby shed and when the guards where not found.

They postponed the escape.

Lift up our Problems to God

A man came back from church on a Sunday afternoon

and lifted his wife up.

His wife says,

"honey, this is a new one,

you have not done this before, that shows you love me".

The man replied,

"Our pastor said we should lift up our problem to God to solve it"...

Back with a Bang.

hi Friends,
I went off since June.... not really my wish but hmmmmm, it has happened.
I am back now and promise to post something everyday.
Fact is that everyday I get a whole lot of funny jokes and
couldn't think of a better place to keep em as an archive.
My sweet cousin suggested I put em all up on my blog which I see sense in.
so, they are not all my writings but sure gonna make you laugh.

Thanks for commenting after every funny joke you find.
Love You