Thursday, March 10, 2011


Until Yesterday, Everything was Perfect.
What actually Happened?
Did She really slip through his Fingers?
Is she really stone dead or is He dreaming?

4weeks ago, just after the Female Ministers
convention at the Redemption Camp,
She woke up one morning and told her Husband
of 12years her dream.
She had seen him in a Ghastly Motor Accident.
Every1 had tried all they could 2 rescue him,
He still gave up d ghost.

Aunty Bisi is known 4 her Prayers n Visions.
She is known 4 her willingness to join people in Prayers.
ȋ̝̊̅ remember an incident, when a young lady was
about 2 marry a so called brother in church,
She told the Lady of her Visions. Stood in the Gap
for the lady n ensured d Lady ended up with someone else.
Months later, it was public knowledge that d former
Brother had a Wife n 4kids at Ondo. He just needed an
"Abuja wife"(Whatever that means).

The whole church was involved in the prayer against
Aunty Bisi's husband Death.
Before that week elapsed, 2 other member in the church
Had a dream that someone had died in a ghastly motor accident,
But they couldn't place the face of the person in their Dreams.

Before long, a message came that Aunty Bisi's husband brother
Had lost his life and waS to be buried ASAP since he was just to be married.
After the revElation? Daddy was going no where. At a time like this, he was not allowed
To travel anywhere.
Aunty Bisi decided to go on his behalf. At least to respect the family.
Everything went on smoothly and Aunty BiSi was soon on her way back home.

Oh! How she missed her kids, her Husband, her home.
Daddy had called her periodically till she got 2 Abaji, here in Abuja.
She had promised 2 call again when she got 2 Lokoja.
Unknowingly to all that it was her last call home.
Somewhere around Kwali, the car was involved in an accident.
No serious injuries, no Damage on the car.
Just Aunty Bisi's corpse. The only causality from the collision of both cars.
Others were fit enough it go home that day but Aunty Bisi was taken 2 d morgue.

Her remains has since been laid 2 rest at a cemetery here in Abuja
As her Parents and Siblings can't imagine her being brought back 2 d village.


She was tagged friend of the old when she took special care of my mum
At an event they both attended.
She proudly accepted the tag telling my Mum that
"ȋ̝̊̅ want to be old like you someday soon so ȋ̝̊̅ agree, am ur friend"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

UnUsUaL ThAnKsGiViNg.

The story of King solomon is one ȋ̝̊̅ had always known growing up
from the Pages of "My Book Of Bible Stories".

King Solomon did something that no man had ever done,
He offered God an Unusual Thanksgiving.
He felt the Urge 2 thank his Maker and gave over a thousand burnt offering
to God Almighty.

King Solomon only wanted 2 thank God, and gave to God from d
Depth of his heart.
The people who watched him from afar thought him Insane,
Stupid and Crazy.
They took the Pains to Count his offering un2 God never understanding
What it was that lead the Man to thank God in a UNUSUAL way.

Solomon got a BLANK CHEQUE from d lord. The LORD God Almighty told
him 2 request anything he wanted in life. Hmmmm.

He asked for Wisdom, Knowledge n Understanding.
He had his subjects in Mind. He wanted d best for them.

God also gave him an OVER EXTRA BLESSING.
He gave him WEALTH in addition 2 his request.

If thanking God in an Unusual way can make King Solomon the Richest king ever.
What are we waiting for? What am ȋ̝̊̅ waiting 4?

Is it the Idea? Or the Lambs 2 slutter? Or Is It Just Me that didn't know this secret all along?

Gatto start From Here...

Even if ȋ̝̊̅ say everything 3x. My Tongue can't say it all.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Bberry Blogging? its a lie!

Lemme post this n see if its true.
My oh my!
ȋ̝̊̅ pray it works.
So much 2 post. So little time to sit n type.

*Testing mode*