Thursday, January 13, 2011


They were ordered to shoot any suspect at sight.
Armed Mobile policemen (MoPol) and Civil Defense Corps have taken over our city.
What is Abuja turning into?
What is Nigeria turning into?

The Bomb blast and scare has put a lot of tension in our bodies.
My Pretty Cousin had been holed up in the house since new year day for the fear of the streets.
Now at every Bus-stop, all you see are Fierce looking Men.
I doubt if they are Nigerians cos they look too mean for Comfort.

On Tuesday, we had Peace.
We were free, We could walk, run and drive to any part of town we liked.
We weren't restricted to some areas.
the only scare was to avoid large public gatherings.

Yesterday, the signs were there, the restriction of movement started.
I was trapped in the National secretariat for 1 hour 27mins.
we were told the gates would be locked by 6 and on getting to the gate by 5:30pm.
we were directed to the main gate which was shut.
the arrival of the D.P.O gave mum the chance to see me before 11pm.
we were stopped and throughly searched at over 8 check points.

Today is the main event.
The Primaries of a Party. hmmm "a party".
Today they would decide who runs for president.
but wait...

Who are the suspects?
If they saw home made bomb, will they recognize it?
Will their Dogs if released sniff for Bomb or Run Free?
Will the patrolling helicopter find any bomb planted on the ground?
For how long do we have to Endure this?

What will Happen during the general Elections?
Who would be sent to guard the streets?
Are we the voters going to have the mind to
leave our houses all in a bid to vote when we see
armed fierce looking men in a "ready to shoot any suspect"at sight mood?


  1. I just wonder what next would happen in this country sef?...i tire to talk sef!

    p.s...tnx 4 visiting my following you now.

  2. u welcome Ibhade. i am following u Double Double.... lol
    as me and as Omogekofo.

  3. Ha! i wondered o, i thought it was a mistake initially when i saw 2 omogekofo.....tnx a lot appreciate it.