Tuesday, February 8, 2011


i am a lady and as is expected, i should crave for girlie shoes
but i crave more for the shoes made for guys, not necessarily the exact guys own,
but at least the one a lady will wear comfortable.
of late i have been in the market, shopping for shoes i can wear to site and i have had
a bad experience because all i see are meant for the Big Legged Girls.

My shoe craving got me Goggling shoes I can easily wear to site and feel comfortable and sexy in them.
below are my Feb2011 wishlist of Site shoes.
If u like me, send them to me on my forwarding address, and don't forget, I am a size 37 or the american size 6, UK 5. quiet a small leg I agree but Bigger than some I know. lol

atleast, all the unwanted elements wont touch my skin.
i believe I am well protected even if its a shoe made from cloths. lol

i like this mostly because its black and can hide all my imperfections.
I love this to nut even if its white.
i will wear it only when i know i am not going to a dirty site.
if an emergency dirty site comes up during the day, then i will pull off
my lovely shoes and settle for barefoot. lol

let the girl in me so shine...
purple and Lilac are to die for.i most def would walk on rose petals when I have to wear this.
guess, i will just have to wear a blue clothing.
i so so love this.
let the girl in me so shine.


  1. wow! size 37!...oh gimme! gimme!...i want your size o! G-a-l! do you know how far & wide i go looking for my size 42-43 huh?...i like all the designs you selected.

  2. thanks...
    But 42-43? I remember complaining at a shoe shop that my Leg was too small, The guy selling the shoes just asked if i wished they were 45 and above, i didnt know when i said Hell No! lol

    But, I could get the 42 -43 for u. my shoe vendor loves caring for Big feets.