Monday, December 13, 2010

Her Dad's Second Wife.... Her "Enuresis"

Just this morning I said Hi 2 a fzbk friend, his reply shocked me.
hear him "its gonna b a great day 4 a 'whole' Omogekofo 2 wake me 2 a greeting.
I became dumb founded, wondering where that ‘Whole‘ came from?.....
Then he said "how was your night? Hope there was no Bed Wetting or Bed Pissing as my Indian Friend would say?’ That had me LOL.
For my age? my ....... then I realised how right he might be, cause I concluded
he had one way or d other come across a peeing big girl or he was just kidding me.

I remember growing up when these friends of mine had Maps of Abuja, Nigeria,
Africa and even the World outlined on their bed. All Urine Stains.
We (the early visitors & the first 2 get up in the house) always made jest of the bed-wetter’s. (always more than 3 people).
We were all within the age range of 4 -12. I was 11 as @ that time couldn’t understand why they had 2 wet their bed overnight?
My mum always said her kids never urinated on d bed after age 2, (Thank God for mackintosh)
safe 4 a younger brother who never urinated in his napkin from 2 months, he would cry &
struggle till d cloths on his lower region is removed b4 he urinated or poo-ed.
With that ideology I couldn’t understand why my friends of up to 12 years couldn’t control their bladder @ night.

A shocker awaited me on a faithful Friday during my National Youth Service.
I was @ the cybercafé  of the Fed Collage of Education Potiskum, Yobe State.
I saw a pretty lady, well put together, just the right amount of make-up and was way
different from people around. I felt she was the friend I needed badly as boredom
& loneliness was driving me crazy. The erratic network at the café didn’t help matters too.
My friends from Camp were all in the state capital, although I had the opportunity of
being there too but I felt it was more one hour away from Abuja.

She was right there in front of me smiling, Miss Pretty said
"hi, u look new & different here, are you a call member?
I was still trying to find my tongue when she said
“I am Maya, but my friends call me Timaya".
I smiled and said I am me, I would rather call u Maya.

We hit of the friendship from there knowing we had a lot in common
like the languages we speak, the foods we detest and the no boyfriend rule till we leave Yobe.
I also found out her fiancée of 5 years brought her from Lagos to Yobe State too study at the State Collage of Education (KABS). (*weird I thought until much later*)
We decided to find a place where we could have some refreshing drinks as the heat wasn't friendly in any way, we relaxed, watched passer-by’s from our little hangout and had good laughs at way the dry dusty weather made most black people in the town white. Lol

@ dusk, Maya insisted on knowing my abode, we ended up in my 1 room apartment.
@ bedtime, she undressed 2 her bday suit and I proved I was the perfect hostess by clothing her.
d only way we could manage my small bed was for us to sleep in alternate directions.
late in2 d night, I heard water drop, or was it urine? oh gash! not in my cloths! on my bed!! or my house!!!
Maya, Maya, Maya, wake up, you need to use the loo, go & ease yourself! its 2am!
Reluctantly, she got up, went to the loo, came back, & undressed 2 nothing again.

Pls Omoge, can I get another Cloth!? Wrapper!!? Mat!!!?
Sure, have them all was my reply. My dear friend wore the new set,
placed the mat on the floor and within seconds, when I was still lost in my shock,
she snored away. I was forced to squeeze me to one corner of the bed as the urine
hadn't gotten to where I laid, lost in my thought……

I guess I hadn’t slept for 20mins when Maya got up, took her bath, made up,
she was looking refreshed as ever. It was 5am, I had to wash all, (including the mattress)
cause I knew sleeping on it like that would be impossible, the wicked dry dusty weather
gave me the guts too. The most painful was to deep the new blanket into water.
I cleaned my room with disinfectant. Maya tried at least she prepared
breakfast and offered a heartfelt "Well-done".

I thought that before nightfall, she would be gone cause the next day was a Sunday,
but to my dismay she stayed over.
Friday night repeated itself all over again, a part of me wanted to rant,
but another said I should be cool. @ dawn, the washing n cleaning regime
was d same safe for her offering to spread the cloths to dry,
we got ready for church on my insistence, she reluctantly followed covered in the clothing
I planned rocking that day.

During the 12mins walk to church, I found out from her that her Dad's 2nd wife
(this is different from a step mother in every sense of he word)
wanted her dead or disgraced. Maya said the woman was behind her bedwetting.

I still couldn’t come to terms with it as I was from a one mother one father home.
I wanted my friend to tell me what she felt when she wee-ed on the bed,
or better still tell me what’s going on in her mind or dream when she does it.

That was when she said she always see herself with some girls swimming, they play in the water and eventually she wee in the water, only to find out its not in the water but on the bed.

I was like, u have the same dream every night? she said no and said some nights she finds herself going 2 d loo only 2 wake up with urine all over her body & bed.
Hmmm, this was really spiritual I guess. After the church service, we went to see my pastor (I was attending Living Faith then. Why? that’s another story for another day ) who generally prayed for us and said we should always come for weekly activities.
He spoke to Maya in private, which she later described as evil words.
She decided never to visit the church again. Well, she was neither a Christian or a Muslim.
I was shocked at her resolution, and her reason was because he knew so much about her even without laying his hands on her, she felt it was only an evil person that had such powers.

Needless to say I avoided her since she decided to avoid God.
I couldn’t have a friend who would keep me busy every morning
she sleeps over and still careless about her mess.
I couldn’t have a friend who never saw her predicament as a problem,
and thought only to blame "her fathers second wife'

What a life!

Now that I am more goggle and internet friendly, I have goggled several websites that deal with Home Remedy for adult bed-wetting. I did that out of my care cause her picture lingers in my album, she still calls periodically as she has gotten the message 2 stay away.
Maya is wanting to relocate to Abuja and live-in with me.
But that is a no no for me, I had better be a loner than put up with that.

Join me in silent prayers for my once upon a time friend.She needs to realise before its too late that the plans of the enemy mustn’t prevail over her life. She can still seek Gods face for a change... .

Guess u enjoyed reading this,

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